America: A Beacon, Not a Policeman       America: a Beacon, not an Empire

The New Military Industrial Congress Complex

Over a Trillion dollars per year if one includes homeland security, intelligence agencies, nuclear weaponry and hidden items;  more than spent at height of cold war with world communism which had nukes, half of Europe and vast Leftist support in the West.


The War Party 

      Eisenhower originally called it the Military-Industrial-Congress Complex (MICC), but abbreviated the term. Canny weapons manufacturers have assembled sub-contractors in every state, e.g. the F-22 had a thousand of them in 42 states, the F-35 has 1300 suppliers in 45 states.  Supporters now even advertise their weapons programs as a jobs program.  (Just imagine if all those smart workers were rebuilding America's crumbling infrastructure instead).  On any war or bombing issue most establishment Republicans and Democrats vote in favor.  Witness that most long term Republicans supported attacking Serbia, while most Freshman/Sophmore Republicans voted in opposition. 
     It's not just the cost.  The  Complex also prefers to continue producing high profit old weaponry.  There is little of a money donating constituency for new weapons from new manufacturers, hence Washington goes on funding more old weaponry, e.g. too many subs, fighter planes and aircraft carriers (as some say, to refight the Second World War).  Equally there is little constituency for civilian defense, e.g. shielding the civilian economy form electromagnetic pulse weapons.  Instead the Complex focuses on offensive weaponry and then supports those who promote getting America into more, unending wars.
      Washington's establishment -- journalists, think tanks, military, Congressmen, security bureaucracies
nearly all thrive on war and conflict overseas.  Pro-war Think Tank intellectuals, subsidized by the Complex, are a new, major force for promoting wars.  Their trained, practiced, credentialed spokesmen with lifetimes as Washington insiders give authority and academic gravitas to War Party objectives.  When Bush first came in, before 9/11, Neocons wanted confrontational policies towards Russia, then conflict with China was strongly promoted, now it's the Muslims, but, for them, most any war will do. 
15,000 of them brought to view in the '06 defense budget, have become a major new source of funding for the War Party. Billions of dollars are sent, without hearings, unquestioned because they are for "defense," to many Congressional districts, in return for which come support and donations to campaigns to insure incumbent re-election.  Now also the new system of private contractors has created a whole new constituency for more wars.  In Poland the plan for anti-missiles is not some grand strategy, it's purpose, rather, is just another way to send billions more money to the defense companies. Europeans won't pay for it, but Washington is eager to pay all its costs.  If it then aggravates Russia to react, the complex benefits from then hyping Russia as a renewed threat.  This then triggers more military spending and profits.
      And why, when new weapons are so incredibly accurate, do we still need so many planes and submarines (57 nuclear ones), bombs and missiles?  It's the profits in making them. American strategy violates Sun Tzu's most basic precept, a great general wins without war.  For Washington, starting new wars means new profits for the MICC.

  Eisenhower Farewell Address on Military Industrial Complex -- an erudite and profound speech well worth viewing (Video)       
  Trillion Dollars Budget is Already Here (2007)

   Military Budget Archive (older links)  

The Ties that Bind:  Arms Industry Influence in the Bush Administration and Beyond   An excellent introduction and update to the weapons manufacturers lobbying for an aggressive and antagonistic foreign policy, the abandonment of arms reductions treaties, and indeed the attack on Iraq, all before 9/11  US Spy Agencies in Panic Over 'Washington Post' Exposť See 9 page list of contractors & agencies

The Conservative Awakening  by Justin Raimondo --Understanding the cost of empire and unending wars


5/05/14  Defense Hawks - No Cuts in My Backyard   Republican congressmen fight against any cuts, instead want to raise taxes, --(Ed. only sequestration can work to cut defense spending--it's messy as first, but later fat will be cut off the meat)

5/02/14  Veterans of the Burn Pits  improper disposal of chemicals & trash on military bases in war zones --vast incidence of disease and disabled veterans

4/01/14  Congressman Mike Coffman on How To Cut Defense Costs "by doing three things: shifting from counterinsurgency to a counterterrorism strategy; closing overseas military bases; and transferring active-duty units into an expanded National Guard and Reserve" $130,000 per year is cost for each active duty soldier

03/17/14  Hagel in New Effort to Shut Down Excess Military Bases  Congressmen fight fiercely against BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) process, prohibited in last defense bill, but Secretary Hagel claims he can proceed with some shut downs without Congress approval)  With modern roads and communications there are dozens of needed closures to save billions of dollars.

03/11/14  Russia's Weak Military --not like Soviet Times  by Walter Pincus --gradual change to volunteer force, but re-enlistments much below expectations, tank crews' practice is firing one round per week, health disqualification of 52% of service pool, vast corruption in logistics modernization and maintenance, units manning levels at 40-60%

01/14/14  America's Military Bloat --long link, lots of info, e.g. number of officers in Roman, Prussian, English Armies compared to American-- interesting links

12/30/13  Army and Marines Fight Over Future Rolls in Pacific  Interesting details on search for enemies and for future role and budget battles as Army wants stake and budget for Pacific theater.  Fear of Washington promise of no more land wars in Asia

12/17/13  Ohio air base fate reflects a larger battle between active duty Guard  Efforts to cuts spending, Air Force wants larger planes and to scrap C-27, Army likes smaller planes for anti-guerrilla warfare, National Guard is strong in Congress

12/08/13  To Improve U.S. Military--Shrink It  Aircraft Carriers are the Battleships of today, military still preparing to re-fight World War 2, with bombers, fighter planes, heavy tanks. by Thomas Ricks, Washington Post military analyst

12/07/13  Why the 'Warthog' Matters -- A-10 ground support aircraft, loved by the infantry, is being scrapped to save money for the F35. Generals want glamour fighter planes above all else (some say because still thinking of Second World War)

8/29/13  $52.6 Billion for "Black Budget"   Covert Action, Surveillance, Counterintelligence -- top 5 agencies by spending,  main mission objectives are warning about critical events, combating terrorism, stopping spread of illicit weapons, conducting cyber operations, defending against foreign espionage--- Welcome to a World of Fewer Secrets by David Ignatius

8/26/13  Defense Appropriations Shuffle  The Senate committee's plans for moving extra funds around reveals much about the budget process by Walter Pincus

7/08/13  Defense of Bradley Manning Starts Arguments   Video of U.S. Army killing Reuters reporters; testimony about conditions at Manning's post in Iraq

06/11/13  The Intelligence Industrial Complex

6/03/13 Plan to shut military supermarkets shows difficulty of cutting defense spending  Congressmen all prevents cuts of spending in their districts

3/31/13  Big Media Changes Blanket Support on Pentagon Spending --now reports ways to cut fat and waste

03/21/13  Realistic polling shows most Ameircans want Substantial Defense Cuts THE ECONOMIST --Most want 20% cut when Americans understand where most government spending goes

03/20/13Generals: Get real and cut Pentagon Spending  CNN--Too many nukes and F-35   The 'Red Dawn" Case for Cutting Defense Spending --BUSINESSWEEK --public way ahead of politicians on cuts--polling data --U.S. Defense posture vs. real threats

03/20/13  Have We Learned Anything? "The Beltway national security expert, whether in or out of government, is usually a huckster trying to scare up the next foundation grant, Pentagon contract, or resume-building TV appearance by selling the next scary threat." 

3/18/13  Pentagon Spent Billions on Doomed Programs  WASHINGTON TIMES--long detailed report on scandal of continued waste on cancelled weapons--tens to hundreds of billions, many forced by congressmen pushing business for their districts

03/07/13  Prices soar, enthusiasm dives for F-35 Lightning; pilots worry about visibility problem Washingon Times long report-- costs rising to $400 million per plane, production started years before final testing --all sorts of bugs, not suitable for all three services  MORE

01/11/13  The Hidden Costs of Empire --  The American Conservative -- Pentagon Budget accounting conceals $170 Billion--1,000 bases overseas, 4,000 bases inside America, very detailed study with hard numbers

01/10/13  America's Empire of Bases  by Tom Dispatch --Are there really over 1,000 bases? No one knows for sure.  Lots of details on incredible size and costs of bases

01/09/13  Why Hegal Was Chosen   to downscale military budgets --Medicare & health care is devouring all government spending & most Americans don't want it changed. "As the federal government becomes a health care state, there will have to be a generation of defense cuts that overwhelm anything in recent history, David Brooks, New York Times

12/27/12  High Cost of Disengagement From Afghanistan --750,000 major items, 50,000 vehicles, 90,000 shipping containers, 75,000 to return one vehicle by air and sea transport out of land locked nation or $43,000 by surface transport through Russia and Europe

12/18/12  Congress Defense Committees Add Funds Pentagon Doesn't Want  bases, refurbishing obsolete equipment, all sorts of waste for constituent companies in members' districts

12/10/12  America's Empire of Bases   --cost $200 billion yearly

12/14/12  Oklahoma--Where & How Most bombs Are Made  biggest bomb factory in America, workers believe they are protecting America

11/30/12  Quagmire On The Potomac  "Ineffective Weapons at Unaffordable Prices" problems with F-35-350 built before operational testing -- "aquisition malpractice"

11/20/12  $1.2 Trillion For National Security interesting breakdown of costs--The real national security budget ---Figure no one wants you to see

9/11/12  Aging U.S. nuclear arsenal slated for costly and long-delayed modernization 5,000 war heads, hundreds of billions of dollars to upgrade, rebuild, aging facilities, etc.  B-61 Bomb - Case study of costs and Needs

9/07/12  Americans Ready to Cut Military Spending  Scott Rasmussen in Reason Magazine  67% want cuts in all government agencies, 11% support America playing global cop, hundreds of billions of cuts are possible

9/06/12  Bi-Partisan Bloat -- Both Parties want more military spending --Dems with high taxes, Republicans won't say where money will come from

8/13/12  F-35 Incredible Costs & Waste WASHINGTON TIMES- "White Whale" now costing $1.5 Trillion, both Obama/Romney no plans to reform purchasing, "sea of waste and mis-managment surrounding weapons acquisition"

8/08/12  Pentagon rolling in un-audited cash lying around waiting to be spent   Details on unspent moneyies

8/07/12  Air Force Still Not Opening Up About F-22 Safety Problems  Pilots Losing consciousness --questions about stealth coatings being toxic

7/30/12  Sequestration: The Way to Cut Defense Waste  8 ways, exposing untruths in anti-sequestration campaign which (intentionally) mixes up effects of one year's cuts, $40+ Billion with ten year cuts of $500 billion

7/16/12 Defense Spending as Jobs Program  Dems and Republicans argue to suspend promised defense cuts  Brooking Institution detailed analysis of job loss and job creation from Defense spending

6/28/12  Military Pay Higher Than Ever Compared to Civilians  in 2009 higher than 90% of civilians w/similar education & age --$21,000 for soldiers, 88% higher for officers + thousands more for free medical care for life + pensions after only 20 years

6/21/12  Congress Won't Allow Closing Mititary Bases  military seen as jobs progam

6/19/12  Navy's Troubled Minesweeper Shows Smaller Programs Also Waste Millions/Billions  Production started before finishing design, testing built before testing, unproven electronics can't resist its own explosion

6/01/12  Sustainable Pre-eminence  Reforming U.S. Miliary in Times of Change  thoughtful, long study of strategy and spending

5/30/12  The Jet That Ate the Pentagon  Details ondysfunction and incredible waste, costing hundreds of billions, doesn't perform much better than existing fighters, always starting production, priority is to create jobs and donations in key congressional districts from vast network of suppliers

5/19/12  Same Old Earmark Corruption  NY Times report on $17,000 oil pans made in key congressman's district, tied to political donations --equal to $2,000 product elsewhere

5/15/12  Huge Cuts in Nuclear Arsenal Urged by Commission  Former commanding general of nuclear forces and blue ribbon panel, including former Senator Chuck Hagel urge cuts in number of bombs

5/12/12  Pentagon Propaganda 'Fiasco' Exposed in House     DoD Instructed 'Total War' on Muslims, Advocated 'Hiroshima' Tactics  millions spent to teach U.S. officers/police that Muslims greater threat to America than was Soviet communism --to launch unending wars against all Muslims, nearly a quarter of world's population

MSNBC Broadcast of Al-Jazeera Report on Classes for U.S. Military Officers   to hate and fear all Muslims in the world, make total war like Hiroshima, Dresden, nuke Mecca--

5/11/12  U.S. Military Teaching Officers: Use ‘Hiroshima’ Tactics for ‘Total War’ on Islam

5/11/12  F-22 Pilots Take Problems Public oxygen shortage affects piloting, Air Force $80 Billion crown jewel, planes with "no mission in today's conflicts," said Sen. McCain, plane designed in 80's for dogfights with non-existent Soviet planes--

5/07/12  Defense Budget Record Number Pentagon Civilian Jobs  now 800,000 civilian employees, up from 600,000 in Reagan/Soviet times, also 766,000 private contractors -Note-it's almost impossible to later lay off civilian employees becasue of civil service & union rules

4/08/12  Lies, Damned Lies and The Pentagon's Latest Budget Numbers  by Winslow Wheeler

3/30/12  Sample Military Procurment Contracts for one day   Specimen of one's days contracts

3/22/12  American Troops Stressed "to Breaking Point" --years in combat compared to average 40 days each during entire time in World War 2 Pacific theater--500,000 troops examined--Army Health Report

3/21/12  Excellent Report on Candidates proposed Pentagon Budget "Cuts"  Romney "Plan" adds $8 trillion over next decade, Romney's incoherent promises to every branch to radically increase spending, Obama virtually cuts almost nothing

3/11/12   MRAP Glut Bothers Military --28,000 produced by 6 manufacturers now seen as far too many, incredible costs of maintenance

2/23/12   Leaner Meaner Marines   William Lind on reforms for the Marine Corps --transfer  A-10's to marines, keep vital force ready with effective reserves

2/13/12  Obama Budge Cuts  various details, plan trims funds for guns, ships, jet fighters--still 2,000 fighters & bombers,

2/06/02  About the F-35 by Chuck Spinney  built in 47 states, problems with Marines version

2/06/12   Military Preparedness Does Not Come Cheap --Gordon England, former Navy Secretary lists key costs ---salaries up 90% since 2001--now consume a third of budget

12/27/11  F-35 Description of Pentagon Waste  --56 planes built before final design & prototype testing,  costs doubling and tripling  billions more for modifications-- building planes before being tested (is done to gain political support for planes

12/27/11  Wake Up: America Can't Afford its Military  it's only question of time before major military cuts --let's do them intelligently, only outsiders can be trusted to cut fat, insiders cut muscle

12/09/11 True Cost Military Spending Items  and what civilian goods the money could buy

9/25/11  Army To Cut 50,000 Soldiers Over Next 5 Years  -promotions to be slowed down

8/31/11  Congress Investigation of Wartime Contracting --$30 billion waste and fraud in Iraq/Afghanistan, inability and lack of interest in controlling it, 15 recommendation for contracting reform -- Reducing Waste in War Contracts by Christopher Shays & Michael Thibault, Co-Chairmen of the commission in The Washington Post

8/01/11  Overseas Base Closure List  very detailed descriptions of various bases to close --e.g. -cold war airbases in England    Another Plan with more radical cuts 

7/21/01  Save $77 Billion Yearly by Cutting 9 Military Programs  IPS Study

7/19/11  Russia's Outdated, Very Corrupt Military Industrial Complex  represents little danger to America, little reason to continue spending hunreds of billions of dollars each year to neutralize it.  Christian Science Monitor report

7/14/11  The Military Industrial Complex: The Enemy from Within by John Whitehead, The

5/21/11  Time Magazine Study of Defense Budget -- vast saving possible, fewer aircraft carriers, retirement, medical care---Chinese anti-carrier missiles, etc

5/29/11  $32 Billion wasted on abandoned projects   How the system wastes money

4/30/11  Taking Aim At Pentagon Budget  Real cuts are becoming possible--42% for personnel, 10% for health care for retired (20 yrs service) vets & their families--real numbers from Right and Left

3/09/11  Defense Budget Waste With Numbers  by Winslow Wheeler --more and more money buys fewer and fewer ships and planes

1/31/11 Solving The Debt Crisis: A Military Budget For A Republic in FORBES by Doug Bandow --how cut $100 Billion/year--strategy for defense

1/20/11  How the Military Industrial Complex Damages American Economy very interesting facts and numbers, details, e.g. 2 million jobs lost since 2001 because defense spending increases
1/19/11  Companies & Firms Names in Military Industrial Complex-- long list with business details

1/19/11  "The Domestic Roots of Perpetual War", why does U.S. spend so much, excellent analysis of defense budget, how it works by Chuck Spinney, former Defense Dept. budget officer

1/13/11  Lockheed Laying Off 600 Midlevel Executives --25% of staff makes one wonder why there were there in first place--probably retired military

1/13/11  Tea Party Voters Worry About War Pricetag --67% want fewer troops or to get out of Afghanistan

1/06/11  Gates Proposes Substantive Military Budget Cuts Marines new amphibious landing craft, F-35 delays, retirees free health care, other savings --Congressmen scream--no job cuts in their districts

1/02/11   80% of Retiring 3-4 Star Generals and Admirals Hired by Defense Contractor Complex  often recruited while still in uniform so questions about military issues judgment Boston Globe Analysis ---Career Path 750 retired top officers

12/18/10  Wikileaks Reveals Intense Washington Threats on Allies to Buy F-35's

12/01/10  Top Conservative Leaders Call For Cuts in Defense Budget Grover Norquist, David Keene, Richard Viguerie, Lew Uhler -- “to reject the sanctimonious pardoning of Dept of Defense waste”

10/15/10 Obama Cave In To MI Complex--donates US spending for useless missile shield to "protect" Europe against Iranian "attack"-idiotic presumptions used to spend more billions on missiles--no better example of how Obama captured by War Party even though he won election with peace wanters--At least yet Europeans pay for it if they want it???

10/12/10  Why Defense Spending Won't Go Down Much  Money and Jobs Pervade Whole U.S. --think tanks sold out, careers damaged for any who oppose spending

10/04/10  How Pentagon Rolled Obama on Soldiers for Afghanistan excellent explanation of Pentagon methods--only gave Obama 2 choices--to send 30,000 more troops or 40,000  More by Chuck Spinney on how Pentagon budgets are made and managed

9/27/10  Obama Boxed in by Generals To Make Decision For More Troops to Afghanistan    according to Wash. Post Woodward's detailed report--no anti-war or contrary opinions except for VP Biden

9/14/10  Gates Outlines Plans To Cut $100 Billion From Defense Budget over 5 years time, almost no voiced support from Congress, plan to reduce "support contractors" by 10% per year, revamp purchasing, etc  Defense Cuts Could Slow DC Economy For Years

8/13/10  Push to Cut Number of Generals and Admirals Meets Strong Resistance  40 more 4 stars then height of Vietnam war with twice as many forces

8/13/10  Gates (Tiny) Defense Budget Cut Proposals Draw Storm  Virginia Republicans & Democrats both object vehemently

7/21/10  The Secrets Next Door 3rd of WP reports--2 years of research--widespread secret operations all over America  See also The Technocracy Boom--on Post report-- National Security Web--10,000 sites across country, 1,200 government agencies, 1,900 contracted private companies, 50,000 reports per year

7/20/10  National Security Inc. --continuation of Wash. Post report below--29% of workforce are private contractors--usually retired CIA & Military rehired after retirement (with pensions) to do much the same work as before-- vast profits

7/19/10  Top Secret America -- A Hidden World Growing Beyond Control Washington Post incredible report on wild growth and spending of intelligence agencies since 9/11--
854,000 persons have Top Secret Clearances, occupy space of 3 Pentagons (17 million sq ft) publish 50,000 intelligence reports each year, most of which go unread or duplicate each other, NSA intercepts & stores 1.7 billion E-mails

6/22/10  War Is A Racket   Smedley Butlers famous rant against war wanters

6/20/10  Interesting Breakdown of Defense Spending -36% (965 Billion)of budget for military + 18% (484 Billion) if one includes interest on debts for loans for wars

6/02/10  Sec. Defense Gates Speech on Waste in Military  urges retrenchment and savings, decries gusher of spending after 9/11

5/28/10  Leading Conservatives Start Urging Cuts in Defense Budget --Tim Carney is widely read (edits Robert Novak's old newsletter)

5/23/10  How Debt Imperils National Security "Eisenhower was wary of seeing his beloved republic turn into a muscle-bound garrison state--militarily strong, but economically stagnant and strategically insolvent," Bob Gates, US Secretary of Defense

5/10/10  Pentagon Want Hold Back on Pay Increases --fears over paying soldiers will mean less money for weapons, transport, supplies, staffing

1/20/10  Paying Even More, Buying Even Less --New Pentagon budget --excellent analysis by Winslow Wheeler of usual waste on irrelevant weapons, very high cost of personnel and benefits-- just more of the same, no cuts

1/27/10  CBS Long Report on Military Spending, "Ending the Pentagon's Free Ride  Long range plans for AFPAK theater training and spending

1/27/10  The Sanctity of Military Spending  Obama won't cut it despite growing bankruptcy of America--Captured by the War Party-- interesting statistics and costs

10/15/09  F-22 Still Sneaking Around Capitol Hill  widespreak profits (and "donations" for Congressmen) keep it alive

10/15/09  Democrats and Afghanistan --Senator Feinstein's husband profits from perpetual war--an analysis by Glenn Greenwald --also with interesting video of marines in combat

8/31/09   The Corruption of Empire -- tens and tens of billions wasted, stolen and lost in Iraq reconstruction -- corruption of American military officers from so much easy money.

8/04/09  Intellectuals' Lust For Wars  --"Belief in Regenerative War: Why So Many American Intellectuals Supported the Iraq War"   Not to forget--a very good review of how so many see war as a  "crusade to regenerate American will and standing in the world"

7/18/09  Wasteful Military Spending Decried by former Reagan Navy Secretary John Lehman a voice from a Republican for reform

6/29/09  Pentagon Audits & Controls -- Impossible to Reform --statistics, buying before testing, list of past reform commissions and dates, "Hidden Defense Budget", "Axis of Pork"

6/10/09  F-22 Lies Exposed   See also  The Bankrupt Empire  various links on waste, and DeBorchgrave on F-22 Congressional waste vs. unmanned drones

5/17/09  F-22 Video on Waste, Cost, Problems  useless for war on terror, $350 million per plane, imagine how money could be saved, built in 44 states to get Congress constituency

5/11/09  About $ One Trillion - Defense Budget Baloney  -Obama's new defense budget

4/05/09  Left and Right Against the Military Industrial Complex  10 ways to cooperate

3/18/09  Soaring Costs Jeopardize Missile Defense Systems likely budget cuts in laser and kinetic energy interceptors, the most promising new technology.  GAO also criticizes for starting manufacture of untested systems  (Remember Bush made test results secret so taxpayers can's focus on waste and/or successes)

3/15/09  More Money Doesn't buy Better Defense  analysis of F-22 costs and quality, purchasing systems, etc.

3/13/09  Incredible Grip of Defense Contractors on Government  "defense contractors haven't needed a "blank check" because they already have the combination to the safe, the PIN number to the account, and a controlling interest on the board of the bank."

3/30/09  7 in 10 Programs Cause $300 Billion Costs Over Budget  Government Accounting Office report lambasts Pentagon acquisitions for waster and bad planning

2/06/09   Pentagon Spends $4.7 Billion Yearly Promoting Military including recruiting, sending out articles, promotions, etc. 27,000 employed for public relations, recruitment, etc

11/30/08  Former Generals' Inside Track For Making Business  TV war promoters, privileged access to senior government officials, conflicts of interest without reporting requirements, money, money, money-- Gen. McCaffrey as an example

11/30/08  MIC Complex Tries Expand NATO to Georgia wants to void former requirements for EU membership and rule of law, modernization

11/14/08  10 Key Reforms For The 2010 Budget  No substantial changes since 1986--suggestions include allowing 18 yr. olds to drink at base clubs, use Air Force, use T-6a's instead of super (expensive) jets for ground support, etc.

11/12/08  "America's Defense Meltdown"  Initial reviews of new book by Center for Defense Information

10/22/2008  U.S. Military's "Bombing Culture"  usually massive civilian casualties for small number of enemy killed

10/20/08 Pentagon Spending Outpaces Auditors    Missing oversight allows growing fraud and abuse

10/08/08  Using Georgia to Start War  100 U.S. advisors with Georgia Army surely aware of attack plans, efforts of MI complex to trigger confrontation with Russia for new spending  Other articles by same writer

10/19/08  $5 Trillion For Wars & Homeland Security since 9/11 --- spending under Bush Republicans totally out of control

10/17/08  Pentagon to Tighten Spending -- Financial crisis will cause difficult cuts on Congress favorites

10/13/08  Pentagon Wants $450 Billion Increase Over Next Five Years  seems to contradict Secretary of Defense warning the military must choose options

10/12/08  Sec. Def. Gates Tries To Reform Waste & Unnecessary Weapons  calls for stronger diplomacy and developmental aid to improve 3rd world security and help bring more hopeful lives -- distinct from Neoconservative budgeting for wars with China and Russia

10/12/08  Insider’s Projects Drained Missile-Defense Millions   for projects military did not want, pushed through by key congressmen & lobbyists

10/02/08 Air Force Wants Hundreds More Jet Fighters   Air Force now has 183 F-22 Raptors, wants 381 at $200 million each -- also wants 1,700 F-35's at $100 million each.  Critics argue that U.S. already controls the skies, that planes irrelevant to war on terror, Air Force says necessary for wars with Iran, Russia, China

9/30/08  The Cost of Boots on the Ground   $500,000 per sergeant or Blackwater guard--incredible cost of combat manpower in the field

9/19/08  US plans to sell Israel 1,000 bunker-buster bombs  $77 million-- think of the money (always) profits from war--claimed as needed for next attack on guerrillas in Lebanon

9/14/08  U.S. Arms Sales Abroad Jump with White House Push $32 Billion so far this year, also from U.S. stocks

8/27/08  700 U.S. Bases Abroad -- reactions as some nations try to get them out

8/22/08  Polish Missile Shield = $4 Billion for Missile Makers  "follow the money" whole deal originally for the money --so ridiculous to say because Iran might attack Europe!!!

8/12/08  More Statistics on the Incredible Military Spending "A well founded principle is to take the basic total budget of the Pentagon (always well publicized) and double it," quoting Robert Higgs

8/04/08  Incredible Out-Sourcing (incompetence) of Intelligence   to private contractors, thousands, government incompetence, inability to categorize & review information, corruption and money, money

7/24/08  U.S. Military Budget Reaches Extreme Heights  $700 billion and climbing ++

1/01/08  Indefensible Spending    America's massive military budget is irrational, costly and dangerous. Why isn't it a campaign issue?  Incredible spending for irrelevant weaponry

5/27/08  Neocons Calling For Larger Army   but no cutbacks in Air or Navy, needed for new interventions in Africa and future wars, no cost estimates.  (We point out that every service person average cost with retirement is $120,000 per year, while some estimates for cost of each combat infantryman in the field is about $400,000 per year.

5/09/08  Pentagon Contractors Using Tax Dodges  avoiding social security & medicare taxes by using offshore companies in Cayman Islands, includes KBR, Halliburton subsidiary, and many more contractors in Iraq, hundreds of millions of dollars of taxes not paid.

4/28/08  Competition Barely Exists in Defense Procurement     and its growing weaker, only 6 major contractors (in l980's there were 20), a design bureau system such as Soviets used

4/22/08  War on Terror Used by Congress for Payoffs to Constituents every state gets on gravy train, petting zoo considered a terrorist target, corruption and commissions, incredible waste and barely protecting vital targets at incredible costs

4/20/08  FOX, CNN Generals Promoted War Lies  Many had financial ties to military industrial complex, promoted earmarks for "their" companies, "Records and interviews show how the Bush administration has used its control over access and information in an effort to transform the analysts into a kind of media Trojan horse — an instrument intended to shape terrorism coverage from inside the major TV and radio networks." UPDATE Pentagon Suspends TV Generals Briefings

4/14/08  Probe Spotlights Earmarks Corruption  $24,000 campaign contribution gets $2.6 million no-bid contract for Digital Fusion, Inc.--ongoing federal bribery and political-influence investigation at the Army Space and Missile Defense Command.  List of Congressmen with earmarks on Defense Appropriation Subcommittee

4/05/08   The "Military Petroleum Complex"   5.6 Billion Gallons of Oil per year to keep U.S. military moving, e.g. B-52 uses 47,000 gallons for each mission over Afghanistan

4/05/08  Lawmakers Invested in Military Industrial Complex  In 2006, for example, Democrats held at least $3.7 million in military-related investments, compared to Republican investments of $577500.

4/08/08  Future Combat Systems --Army's $200 Billion Program in Trouble -- cost overruns, immature technologies and timetable delays

4/08/08  U.S. Bases Overseas  Updates and Re-Thinking of Strategy   700 bases and seeking more,  several interesting articles in a study by Foreign Policy in Focus, 14 "enduring & massive" bases being set up in Iraq

4/01/08  GAO Blasts Weapons Budget  -breaking down of procurement process, 200-300% cost overruns, "in most cases programs also failed to deliver capabilities when promised," $1.6 trillion of orders are in the pipeline

3/24/08  How the MI Congress Complex Works   Dedicated suppliers spread around in many congressional districts, depending on changes to raise non-competitive prices --system leads to incredible costs and more wars (to use up equipment)

3/10/08   Oil For War  Thousands of tanker trucks, up to $40 per gallon costs to keep military moving in Iraq 

3/10/08 Lots and lots of info-- hard numbers, videos, services breakdown-- a definitive site

2/15/08  Bribery Investigation of Prince Bandar Expanding --BAE paid $1 Billion possible bribes--Follow the money--Saudis threatened British government to stop co-operation and information on terrorists--U.S. judge freezes his assets

2/13/08  A New Global Arms Race  Largest U.S. Defense Budget since World War II

2/10/08  "Military Keynesianism" Critique of American Economy  economic theory to maintain prosperity -- See also Wikipedia

2/09/08  Military Industrial Complex Triggering America's Decline  an Indian "Ghandi" view that U.S. Israel "cult of violence" causing disaster & bankruptcy--American dependence on foreign money, more

11/14/07  Military Industrial Philanthropy -Why Some Stay Silent  very interesting, detailed list of giving to all sorts from girl Scouts to Nature Conservancy, even pacifists, also overseas, even NATO makes gifts--lots of details on why Leftist groups stay pretty silent

10/01/07  Paratroop Divisions are Obsolete and a Big Waste of Money The Magazine of Future Warfare --also includes links to other thoughtful articles on strategy

9/01/07  The Border Patrol Industrial Complex  more money is never enough, infinite needs and demands as every dollar spent triggers needs for more resources--- "The 'threat,' as portrayed to the public, always increases in direct proportion to the amount of money lavished on confronting it"

8/18/07  Big New Lobby for Wars     Private Contractors get billions from government, little disclosure of lobbying, lots of black money to pay bribes, strong economic interest in creating new enemies for America to gain more jobs-- 180,000 persons, 630 companies-- body guards and security personnel earn $650 to $1,000 daily

9/20/07  "Military Industrial Religious Complex" giving religious justification for continuing wars

7/16/07  Some Good News and Success from Phillipines --very bad for the military industrial complex --not costing hundreds of billions of dollars of wasted money

7/15/07  Armaments and Investments   niche stocks soar--"even for people on Wall Street, it's very, very hard to know how much individual companies benefit from classified areas."

4/12/07    "Breaking" the Army   54% of West Point graduates resigning after 5 year commitment, lower levels of intelligence for recruitment, but money still flows for Navy and Air Force

4/11/07    Spending for Retentions Soar $1 Billion in '05, up to 150,000 for senior Special Forces soldiers

3/16/07  The Trillion Dollar Budget is Already Here     $1 Million For Each New Soldier  --presumably includes equipment, perhaps not pensions  Partial reasons for higher costs

3/10/07  There's No Watchdog for Secret Budgets -- massive earmarks, corruption, buying untested electronics, etc

1/28/07  U.S. Plans Anti-Missiles for Poland and Czechs  to protect them from Iran attacking Europe -- millions more business for missile manufacturers

12/19/06  Air Force also Being worn out -- planes wearing out with constant flights in Iraq, tremendous money needs to fulfill new plane contracts, cutting 40,000 men, Army needs for money cutting into big Air Force (& Navy) wants for new equipment

12/15/06  U.S. Army & Marines Being "Hollowed Out" Army Chief of Staff testimony, 10,000 additional soldiers cost $1.2 billion per yr up from $700 million in 2001 because of bonuses & incentives = $120,000 per man (plus maybe retirement benefits--not clear)

12/08/06   Costly Coast Guard Fleet Update Falters  only 25% of cutters are fully "mission capable" oversight given to military contractors without Coast Guard oversight-- ($24 billion modernization effort, each ship costs $564 million NY Times 12/14/06)

10/20/06  The Security-Industrial-Congressional-Complex - 33,890 companies with homeland security contracts. The money is huge. Since 2000, $130 billion of contracts

10/21/06  The New American Cold War  Discrediting democracy by equating it with NATO expansion/encirclement of Russia

9/24/06  Thinking About Cutting Retirement Benefits -- bankrupting costs of 40 year pensions, losing skilled soldiers at 40,

new10.gif (281 bytes) 4/29/06  Cost of Putting Each Fighter in War Zone  $400,000 at end of 2005 for Iraq and-- Houston Chronicle 

3/20/06   War Profiteering Page  includes the classic analysis by Smedley Butler written in 1935

2/01/06   "Duke" Cunningham & Corruption in Military Procurement

10/06/05  Already 3rd Most Expensive War in US History  -- already $850 per American, $1.4 trillion before end

10/05/05  Bases, Bases, Everywhere --an empire of bases

  • How Washington's Pro-war Foundations Work
  • The Public Relations War Shop in Washington Rendon 
  • Weapons Industrial Complex  promotes strife for business
  • Military Industrial Think Tank Complex  Corporate Think Tanks and the Doctrine of Aggressive Militarism
  • 5/27/05  Analysts warn of DOD budget 'train wreck'
  • 5/12/05   U.S. Arms Makers Awash in Cash -- Record Profits  -Billions prove embarrassing - making unnecessary weaponry for past wars  While Russia-US Nukes Still Face Off
  • Details of Waste in Supplemental Budget
  • 3/25/04  Was It All Planned?  Concern for military budget cuts in 1989, looking for new doctrine to justify vast military, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Powell planned together

    2/14/05 Analysis of new Defense Budget  Independent Institute

    12/22/04 Iraq War a Success (for military industrial congress complex) -- follow the money and interests of those who sponsored it.  See also Return of the Military Industrial Complex

    6/10/04  Congress Backs Pentagon Budget Heavy on Future Weapons   F-22 has 1,000 sub-contractors in 43 states

    5/3/04  Military Industrial Complexes Today  by Karen Kwiatkowski

    2/1/04  How Weapons Makers Shape Foreign & Military Policy   information is dated but good for research

    No Rogue Nation Credible Missile Threat  & Mythical N. Korea Threat

    The Waste on Offensive Weapons   F-22's to fight Russian planes which don't exist   Osprey Costing More Billions --time to cancel it

    Fake Testing of Missile Defense, Cover up, Billions Being Wasted

    Congress Backs Pentagon Budget Heavy on Future Weapons   F-22 has 1,000 sub-contractors in 43 states

    Pentagon-Neocons' Advisory Panel --9 linked to billions of Pentagon contracts - War wanters' profits

    Military-Industrial Lobby - How it Works -guts arms control treaties so as to push new weaponry--retired generals, think tanks, wars

    Military-Industrial Complex Update     follow the money

    Military-Industrial Lobby -guts arms control treaties so as to push new weaponry--retired generals, think tanks, wars    --Excellent Analysis--Why a 2 war strategy, Why are we spending nearly as much as before communist collapse?

    America's Most Lethal Export
    --Selling Hi-tech Weapons Abroad and then asking Congress for newer weapons funding because   foreigners own and know about our current hi-tech weapons.  NEW YORK TIMES article by Oscar Arias, Noble Peace Prize winner.  Welfare for Weapons Manufacturers

    Stock Market Profits for Weapons Manufacturers, List of Top Companies, Spending Breakdowns

    Cold War 2, Kosovo's Legacy Was it all planned to create a new Cold War 2 for interested parties.   Barbara Ehrenreich thinks so in this well thought out piece sent to us from a reader of the LA WEEKLY.

    Military-Industrial Complex 40 years later

    Waste in U.S. Military Budget irrelevant weapons, bloated officer corps, "a brontosaurus with three teeth"

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